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HealthPro BioVentures LLC provides strategic advisory and investment banking services to emerging companies in the healthcare and life sciences sectors. Today’s challenging healthcare market is our sole focusOur highly experienced staff is comprised of financial professionals from within both the healthcare investment banking and life sciences communities. HealthPro is prepared to play a vital role in helping you secure the financial support and strategic partners that you need to reach your corporate objectives and to maximize your value. 

James Kuo, MD, MBA

Managing Director


James Kuo has over 20 years of experience in the life science industry as a venture capitalist, business development executive and CEO of life science companies. Previously, he served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Adeona Pharmaceuticals, a publicly-traded biotech company developing CNS therapies. Dr. Kuo is also a founder and served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BioMicro Systems, a profitable genomic tools company that was acquired by a major pharma company. He is further a founder and served as Chief Executive Officer of Discovery Laboratories, a publicly-traded company that is commercializing a surfactant-based respiratory therapy. Dr. Kuo has been Associate Director of Licensing and Development at Pfizer and Vice President of Business Development at Myriad Genetics. He was Managing Director of Venture Analysis at HealthCare Ventures, a venture capital firm with $378 million in funds under management. Dr. Kuo is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BioSavita, a private company using genetically engineered, high secreting yeast to more rapidly and cheaply produce antibodies and antibody-like drugs.  He is also a founder and Chairman of Monarch Labs, a private company commercializing a biosurgery medical device for treating non-healing wounds and antibiotic-resistant infections. Dr. Kuo is further a founder and Chairman of MSK Pharma, a private company developing pharmaceutical therapies for pain and musculoskeletal diseases.  

M.D.  University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
M.B.A. Wharton School of Business
B.A. Molecular Biology, Haverford College


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