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Healthcare & Life Sciences Investment Banking

HealthPro BioVentures LLC provides strategic advisory and investment banking services to emerging companies in the healthcare and life sciences sectors. Today’s challenging healthcare market is our sole focusOur highly experienced staff is comprised of financial professionals from within both the healthcare investment banking and life sciences communities. HealthPro is prepared to play a vital role in helping you secure the financial support and strategic partners that you need to reach your corporate objectives and to maximize your value. 

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HealthPro acted as advisor to TorreyPines Therapeutics.  Cenomed and TorreyPines Therapeutics entered into a licensing agreement in which Cenomed licensed rights to Phenserine, Posiphen and Bisnorcymcerine for use in Counterterrorism and Chemical Defense.

As strategic advisor to Cytokine PharmaSciences, HealthPro BioVentures out-licensed a clinical phase novel formulation of Pilocarpine to Marillion Pharmaceuticals.  HealthPro BioVentures negotiated and provided support roles to both companies. 
As advisor to Biocon Limited (India), HealthPro BioVentures successfully negotiated the License Agreement of G-CSF (granulated colony stimulating factor) to Abraxis Biosciences for North America and the European Union.

As advisor to Biocon Limited (India), HealthPro BioVentures  successfully negotiated the Licensing Agreement of Abraxane from Abraxis BioScience for use in India, South Asia and other territiries to Biocon.

HealthPro BioVentures completed a strategic transaction between Cenomed, Inc., an Irvine company and Abraxis Bioscience, a multibillion dollar integrated pharmaceutical company based in Los Angeles, to pursue development of CNS compounds. HealthPro BioVentures acted as advisor to Cenomed. Cenomed BioSciences business development will continue to be supported by HealthPro BioVentures.

HealthPro BioVentures completed a strategic licensing transaction for Marillion Pharmaceutical’s first clinical stage asset, a D5 analog cancer therapeutic.


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