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HealthPro BioVentures LLC provides strategic advisory and investment banking services to emerging companies in the healthcare and life sciences sectors. Today’s challenging healthcare market is our sole focusOur highly experienced staff is comprised of financial professionals from within both the healthcare investment banking and life sciences communities. HealthPro is prepared to play a vital role in helping you secure the financial support and strategic partners that you need to reach your corporate objectives and to maximize your value. 

Gurinder Shahi, MD, PhD, MPH

Vaccines & Virology


Chief Technologist and Chairman of Scientific Board, Industrial Biotechnology Corporation; Executive Director, Global BioBusiness Initiative; Chairman, BioEnterprise Asia

Dr. Shahi is a physician with a PhD in molecular biochemistry from the National University of Singapore and a Masters degree in Public Health (international health policy and management) from Harvard University. He is a leading expert on technology innovation and change management in healthcare and BioBusiness.

Gurinder has played a key role in the development of several major international initiatives including the International Vaccine Institute (now based in Seoul, Korea) and the Asia-Pacific International Molecular Biology Network, and serves as advisor and consultant to leading international organizations, governments, corporations and foundations in such areas as healthcare, life science technology innovation & commercialization management, and biotech industry development. He has conducted performance/operational audits and served on strategic task forces for public health and development programs of such multi-lateral agencies as the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the World Bank, as well of national governments around the globe. He has also been actively involved in operationalizing and providing strategic and management input to a range of entrepreneurial enterprises including Lynk Biotechnologies (Asia), Biorenewable Chemicals Corporation (US/Latin America), Industrial Biotechnology Corporation (US/Europe/Asia), Advanced Functional Imaging (US), and Rhapsody Holdings LLC (US) and in helping a growing number of US, European and Australian enterprises establish strategic alliances and build their operations in Asia. Among other portfolios, he serves on the Senior Advisory Panel on the International Council for Life Sciences. 

Dr. Shahi serves as Executive Director of the Global BioBusiness Initiative, a think-tank resource he initiated at the University of Southern California, where he oversees a series of thought leadership consultations and research and policy analysis projects in areas of BioBusiness that transcend national and disciplinary boundaries including the Global BioBusiness Hotspots Project and the Good Biosecurity Practice© program. He has taught several inter-disciplinary college courses including Technology and World Change, BioBusiness: A Strategic Perspective, Leadership in International BioBusiness, and Emerging Trends in Global Health. He is also the creator of BioCamp®, a hands-on, interactive learning program designed to equip elementary, middle and high school students with a strategic understanding of the life sciences at 3 programmatic levels: Discovery and Fun, Learning from Experiments, and Bio Innovation.

Gurinder has authored over 60 articles, refereed journal papers, conference presentations and books, and served as lead editor for International Perspectives on Environment, Development and Health: Toward a Sustainable World (GS Shahi, BS Levy, A Binger, T Kjellstrom and RS Lawrence, Springer Publishing Company, New York, 1997). He is the author of BioBusiness in Asia: How Countries in Asia can Capitalize on the Life Science Revolution (Pearson Prentice Hall, 2004), and has recently edited a series of books including BioBusiness: A Strategic Perspective, Financing Technology Innovation (with Joseph Greco), and Emerging Trends in Global Health (with Bethi Luu). He is currently working on several new books/analyses including: Innovation and World Change and Reinventing Health.

Dr. Shahi is regularly interviewed for his insights and views on biomedical innovation, healthcare trends, biotechnology, and international development by major media including BBC, MSNBC, Channel News Asia, NPR and BiotechNation, and has been quoted in leading publications including the International Herald Tribune, the New York Times, the Economist Intelligence Unit, Nature, Nature Biotechnology, Science, Newsweek, Asiaweek and the Far Eastern Economic Review.

MD/PhD - National University of Singapore; MPH - Harvard University; Warren Weaver Fellow - The Rockefeller Foundation


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